Frequently Asked Questions

In reply to our customers’ most common questions:

1. Can we reuse the glass votive candleholder?

No. They are made for one use only.

2. Are these candles blessed?

No. We recommend that you have them blessed by a priest.

3. Where do these symbols come from?

These symbols of our faith were selected from the iconic tradition of the Catholic Church.

4. What is soy wax? Why did you decide to make your candles from soy wax?

Because it is sustainable and renewable. The wax is biodegradable, eco-friendly and clean burning. 

5. Where are the candles made?

All candle materials are manufactured and hand poured in the United States. 

6. Do you contribute to the mission of the Church?

Yes. We share our proceeds to support the work of the Church in carrying out Christ’s mission.